Wedding Trends of 2024

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What’s trending?

This year, love is taking on some exciting trends. Whether you’re planning your big day or just curious about the latest wedding buzz this blog has everything . From vintage film to your pets attending your special day, we’ll explore what’s making weddings extra special in 2024.

Vintage Retro Photography

The trend of using retro cameras in wedding photography is popular because they give a timeless and nostalgic look. Couples like the authentic and unique feel these cameras bring, appreciating imperfections for a more genuine touch.

Vibrant Flower Bouquets

Vibrant flower bouquets have become a popular trend in weddings for their expressive aesthetics and ability to add a burst of color to ceremonies. The photogenic nature of vibrant bouquets enhances wedding photographs, contributing to their popularity on social media platforms.

Dogs are invited too

Bringing dogs to weddings has become a popular trend, reflecting the growing importance of pets as cherished family members. As these adorable moments are shared on social media, the trend of inviting dogs to weddings continues to gain momentum, inspiring others to celebrate their big day alongside their beloved pets.

Smaller More Inanimate Weddings 

Smaller, intimate weddings are popular because couples want meaningful connections with close loved ones, save money, and reduce stress. COVID-19 safety concerns have also led to downsized events, and smaller weddings allow for unique, personalized experiences. Some couples also choose intimate weddings to lessen their environmental impact.

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